A discussion with one of my bosses at work brought up the issue of desensitization.

It began with a discussion of RPGs (table top) and Computer Games... and DEMON-WORSHIP! Yes, it was the old topic of a flimsy link between Dungeons & Dragons and Demonic activity. It was mentioned that as he was playing Diablo II, he became concerned that he was becoming desensitized to "it". "It" could have referred to demonic imagery, fantastic elements, wholesale slaughter or all of the above.

It's possible, though I doubt that any Computer Game could really desensitize someone to the presence of a "real demon" or wholesale slaughter. Digitized imagery and sounds are no comparison to the real thing (plus any other senses that might add to the experience, like scents). However, there is some weight to the statement. Do we not sometimes become desensitized to those that we love? Do we not take those people for granted some times? Can't we become tired of eating the same foods over and over again?

If this is possible with things that we love, how much more with things that we hate or abhor?

Or does hate harbor some special ingredient that keeps it festeringly fresh in our hearts and minds?

Just came from a consulting engagement with a client. Fine dust particles of unknown chemical composition, pollen, and extremes in temperature have started my nose running. Allergies.

I can remember having allergy attacks that had me lying down on a bench in the Santa Clara University compound, desperately trying to clear my sinuses with a combination of pseudo-meditation and prayer. I remember dreading warm sunny days, and the narcotic grip of a dose of antihistamines. I remember getting caught without a tissue or handkerchief available and settling for frequent trips to the washroom to "wash my face".

I hope there's a cure to allergies around the corner, coz allergies suck!

The other day, a site called PinoyDVD was hacked by "Neo-Nazi Hackers from Brazil". Apparently, there was a vulnerability in YABB (PHP version) that they took advantage of. A long battle took place between PinoyDVD's hosting service and the Hackers. Finally, the YABB code was modified to plug the hole. Way to go guys!

Neo-Nazi Hackers from Brazil? *scratch head*

It's amazing how when you've so much to do, you find something ELSE to do instead.

Some say that procrastination is akin to "The Wall" in distance running. You have to stick to your goals and work your way through it in order to achieve something.
Some say that procrastination is playtime: necessary stress relief. As proof, some writers seem to do their best work an hour before deadline.

I hope it's the latter, coz playtime's over.

One of my favorite role-playing games of all time is Champions: The Super-hero Role-Playing Game. When I studied at Serra High School, a Champions character sheet was the first character sheet that I saw someone ELSE holding and filling out. Tim McGinnis in Spanish Class under Mr. Gunter Greszig was filling out a character sheet and casually mentioned that it was for an RPG.

(Nowadays, RPG can mean Computer RPG, Table-Top RPG, Massively Multi-Player RPG. But back then there was just one type of RPG. The pencil-and-paper, table-top kind. Back to your regularly scheduled blog.)

I uttered the phrase that is uttered by many folks who know a little, but not a lot, about RPGs: "You mean like Dungeons & Dragons?"

He winced and said, "Something like that. You play superheroes in this one."

Because of Tim and my own dogged persistence, I managed to find the time and location of the Friday Night Beresford Recreational Center group involved in wargames and role-playing games called Creative Imaginations. I fell in with a group that played Paranoia & Traveller, but never really saw Tim there.

Curiously enough, several years later I began playing Champions with the group he claimed to be a part of. They disowned him on the spot.

Still, Tim helped open the door to years of fun, lots of self-introspection, and a nice bunch of friends. Thanks Tim, wherever you may be.
Many of my friends have begun to blog, so I've decided to begin as well. It may be viewed as following the crowd, but...

It's also been said that many have been able to progress to great thoughts and deeds by keeping a journal. Here's mine! I'll try to encode selections from my many other journals scattered about my room.