War At Last
We all knew it was coming.

It was like watching a train rolling towards us from far down the tracks. Even last year we saw the smoke and black metal snaking its way towards us, full of unrepentant violence and purpose. After a few sudden twists in the track and unforseen stops that made us hope that it would perhaps veer away or shudder and cough into obsolesence, it is upon us.

Let us hope that relatively few are hurt by its passing, and that incompetent attempts at derailing it do not result in a larger disaster for all...
Giant Lord?
I went here and discovered that I have the superhero name... Giant Lord! Does this mean that I'm a lord who is a giant, or a lord of a kingdom of giants?
Save or Spend?
Given the trying times we live in, talk of cutting back and spending on things that really matter often drifts into conversation. Earlier today I picked up Alan Moore's The Courtyard (issues 1 & 2) published by Avatar Press, and John Byrne's Generations 3. Set me back a bit, but I like to read comics... do these count as things that really matter?

Should I have spent it to stock up on food? Or on water? Or safety equipment? Or, on the less paranoid side, should I have just saved the money? In the case of Generations 3, probably. I could've waited for the compilation at least. In the case of Alan Moore's work, I think it was money well spent. It had a familiar Lovecraftian plot, with very Lovecraftian elements hidden here and there... but was told well. The device of using primarily vertical panels echoes his work on The Watchmen, wherein the 3x3 grid of comic panels were used. The descent of the none-too-likeable protagonist into a mystery of cult murders had some interesting visual twists and echoes as well...

Run Your Game, Alex!
I run a regular Saturday game. It's usually a Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign titled Masks or Nyarlathotep, but in recent weeksI've been running Champions of Manila using the HERO System.

The last two games were interesting... having introduced the player to the HERO system, I actually helped build their initial characters. Now that they've become familiar with the game system, they took it upon themselves to build their own characters. Hence the current roster of, er, heroes:

  • Jade- a female speedster who awoke one day in a French motel, fully clothed, and with no memory of who she was or what she used to do.

  • John Armstrong- the son of Steve Armstrong and Jamie Robinson, John Armstrong wears a suit that harnesses Ultra-Electromagnetic Energy in a variety of ways.

  • Wu Jien- a nameless but extremely Chinese swordsman and martial artist with a mysterious agenda.

  • K. Jimenez- renowned U.P. archeologist who secretly wears ancient artifacts of mystic power.

  • I'll chronicle their adventures as soon as this first story arc finishes...