Shattering Patterns

Once in a while I actually notice my pet phrases being used as verbal crutches. Verbal crutches are things that you say when you're trying to think of something to say. (By the way, I applaud anyone who attempts to think before saying something - even if you're terribly slow at it.)

In my case, I've shifted my crutch phrases a couple of times in my life. My current ones appear to be "interesting", "what's funny is that...", "weird", "that's disturbing", and "jumpin' jehosaphat!".

Okay, I made up that last one.

I like shattering these patterns because it breaks up the lazy thought patterns in my head and makes dem inta shiny nu wunz. F33r my l33t skullz! Anyway, thinking can be tiring but thinking along new lines can be quite invigorating... other options include:

- avoiding the use of adjectives in writing;
- using as much alliteration as humanly possible;
- selecting metaphors tied to a specific theme (food, animals, noble gases...)