Holy Comics Code, Batman!

I ran into this on the blog Grotesque Anatomy:

NARRATIVE CAPTION: "Then, as Flash's fingers go into titillating action..."
FLASH: "He's doing it! He's stretching up -- like only the Elongated Man could!"
[A couple pages later]
FLASH: "Yank it, Ralph! Yank it hard!"

- From The Flash #119 (reprinted in The Flash Archives Volume 3)

You see? Silver Age comics were not only escapist, they were educational... encouraging us to use our imagination in many wonderful ways.
Gun in Hand II

Then again, Filipinos do have a history of not being immediately taken down by the almighty gun.

The famed Colt .45 pistol was invented specifically to knock down sword-wielding Moro warriors whose courageous, suicidal attacks were termed ‘running amok'.
Gun in Hand

Just last week I tried my hand at shooting pistols again. The last time I tried to fire a pistol was almost more that two decades ago, and I could barely pull the trigger (so forget about aiming).

A friend of mine from the States generously took me to the PBDionisio range and had me go through the basics. Also enjoyed the burgers and softdrinks there. As for shooting... oddly enough, I seemed to have improved. In my memory, I really sucked at firing rifles and couldn't hit the target with the pistol.

Still, the most frightening thing is how used to firing a pistol you get. After the first few clips, the sound no longer bothers you, the kick no longer frightens you, and you forget that what you hold in your hand can easily end a life. You're just focused on hitting the center of the target...

It's funny. That's why I kinda roll my eyes when folks tell me that I shouldn't bother with 9mm pistols and should go straight to the .45s. "More stopping power" and all that. A bullet in the right place should stop anyone (okay, maybe not if they're wearing kevlar or a helmet...)