Fanboy News

I'm a fan of many things... so here are a few things that I've got off the top of my head...

- American Idol - Scott is out. It was about time. I think he's a good singer and all, but I didn't think he was at the caliber of the rest of the folks there.

- Dr. Who - after a long hiatus, the BBC series lives again! After the first comeback season, however, the actor portraying the good doctor decided that he was in danger of being typecast and quit. There's a new actor portraying the doctor for comeback season two!

- Forgotten Realms - this D&D setting is returning to Undermountain! The uber-dungeon of Halaster Blackcloak in Waterdeep is getting some attention from the website. They're outlining some of the contents of the first level, and the entire first level map is available for download from the site.

- George Perez - this brilliant comic book artist has signed an exclusive 5-year contract with DC Comics (after a heated bidding war between the Big Two). I'm excited to see his work again in DC, though I thoroughly enjoyed his work in Avengers.