Davao Musings
Just the other day I was in Davao. In fact, I waited for the van that was to drive me to the hotel I was going present at in the place that the shed used to be.

What shed? The shed that was blown up in a terrorist attack on Davao airport. It happened a few days after I was in Davao last. Standing there was like tempting fate... if it weren't for the fact that I didn't know that's where the shed used to be.

And I was told about the victims... many of them the children who approached you, offering to shine your shoes.

Distrubingly enough, when I left that same day, I was approached by a young boy.

"Sir, shoeshine?"

I apologized and left hastily.
Being Right or Wrong
Time to wax philosophical.

I've been accused of always wanting to be right. I've been accused of trying not taking sides and always wanting to do what's right. Neither is entirely true.

For the former - I do want to be right most of the time. The exceptions are when I begin to believe bad things about people or situations. The statement has deeper connotations beyond my pilosopo analysis, however. It suggests that I exude a smug confidence about my opinions or statements, that I couldn't possibly be wrong.

Well, heck. What can I say? I do seem to carry an arrogant / confident streak. It may be due to being born a Leo, or the Ateneo influence ("it's not boasting if you're really that good"), or any number of other things all put together. Let me just say that these days it's not as bad as it used to be. I welcome people pointing out my faults (politely and intelligently) cause I'd rather find out sooner than later. Painful experience has taught me to listen when criticized. There's usually a grain of truth that may not have taken root yet. (ooh! metaphor!)

For the latter - a Vorlon once said: Understanding is a three-edged sword... one side's opinion, another side's opinion... and the truth. Most of the time, I put in the time to find out the truth just because I don't really like seeing good people at each other's throats due misunderstandings. Still... sometimes people are unwilling to listen because they hate being wrong (I empathize...), or because accepting the truth may demand painful changes on their part.

Being an active listener is a good habit, though. I'm guilty of not listening enough myself, but I do admit that it's a good habit.

Getting back to the point - what's wrong with wanting to do what's right? I don't have any claims to sainthood, and readily admit to some of my own failings... but I see nothing wrong with swallowing your pride and admitting you were wrong... if you really were in the first place.

And there lies the problem. Sometimes we can be so lost in our own convoluted thoughts that we can't tell if we really were wrong.
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