Bourne Again

I enjoyed the sequel to the movie version of The Bourne Identity. On reflection, the plot of Bourne Supremacy isn't really that complex, but the way that the story was shot and edited kept the pacing fast and the tension taut. Action sequences are excellent, but not as over-the-top as some other spy thrillers might have gone.

It's amusing to see how far ahead of almost everyone else Jason Bourne is... but there is a minor thing that set alarm bells ringing in my head. Cellphones. In a country awash with cellphone promos and cellphone theft... we're somewhat familiar with dead spots and security issues regarding cellphones.

We know that the U.S. embassy has very strict policies about not using cellphones inside their facilities. We've also heard rumors that the local CIA office (oh, it's reputedly somewhere in the vicinity of the embassy) has anti-cellphone devices that block / interfere with cell signals. Security issues. Yet Bourne was able to contact one of these CIA heads (one in her own office in NY) through the cellphone. And she NEVER uses the Caller ID function, dammit!

Minor quibble... but I kinda expected that they'd be set up for tracking the cellphone already the next time he called. Maybe they couldn't do it in the foreign countries where you need an "in" with the cellphone providers and the governments... but in the U.S. of A... in the interests of national security?