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I really enjoy Lint McCree and the creative and mysterious (and a bit funky to navigate) Invisible Forces.
Ocean's Eleven: Say What?
There's a lot of slang in Ocean's Eleven, and here's my take on one line loaded with slang...

"You'd need at least 12 guys doing a combination of cons. A Boesky, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethroes, and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald EVER."

Okay. So these are the names of the cons... each one obviously alluding to what each of these folks are famous for... but what the heck do they mean?

Boesky: Could refer to Ivan Boesky, responsible for one of the biggest insider trading scandals in the U.S. The scam for getting lots of insider information was performed by their resident tech guru. On the other hand, Reuben, the guy who bankrolls the heist also knows a lot about the vault and about casinos in general... but it's not really a con, is it? However, my vote goes to Frank Catton was the planted inside man WHO WAS CAUGHT. Boesky was caught doing his thing and so was Frank... so that they could steal the codes from Terry Benedict.

Jim Brown: Could refer to Jim Brown, a legendary running back in American football. Bigger, better, and fast fast fast. Also an activist. Since he's black, many folks chalk this up to Frank Catton's "it's all because I'm black" scene. Still, a running back carries the football during a running play... so which con is this? I thought this might actually be Saul's performance as the bigshot "Lyman Serge" (sp?). He carries the attache case that could be thought of as his "football" and doesn't let it go until it's in the end zone (the vault).

Miss Daisy: Miss Daisy was a rich white person driven around by a chauffer. Could be Saul again, but as a con... it could be the con of getting someone else to "drive" the Amazing Yen into the vault.

Two Jethroes: The two scenes of two idiots fighting each other, causing a disturbance. Gee, who did these? Obviously, the two idiots of the team...

Leon Spinx: Delivers a knockout punch. Probably Basher, who was there to engineer the blackouts.

Ella Fitzgerald: Some folks believe that that's supposed to be the fake vault tape. This is because of a Memorex tape commercial wherein a taped Ella managed to break glass. For me, it's either this or the performance of Linus... who had to improvise all the way through a tough and shrewd Terry Benedict.

Feh - I'm not really all that sure... but what do you think?


Your Fate in Gehenna by jahred
Your Characters Name
Clan/bloodlineBlood Brother
What you DoYou fight Ashur
What happens to youYou get dragged into the abyss
What happens to the worldYou Take over it
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Your Fate in Gehenna by jahred
Your Characters Name
What you DoYou fight the camarilla
What happens to youYou lose all your power
What happens to the worldWod 2.0 is created
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