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Dave just alerted me to the presence of the MIT OpenCourseWare site. On this site you can find the full course material for many MIT courses. A product of MIT's failed distance learning initiative, the course material ranges from the following areas:

Aeronautics and Astronautics
Biological Engineering Division
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Comparative Media Studies
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Linguistics and Philosophy
Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Political Science
Science, Technology, and Society
Sloan School of Management
Urban Studies and Planning
Writing and Humanistic Studies
Among the top countries to make use of the site (as in downloading and studying the courses at home) are Vietnam and China. The Philippines, apparently, doesn't even rank there... yet.
Come on, friends! Let's take on the course material! Let's form study groups and learn... Nuclear Engineering?

Keep 'em Flying!
It's a hellish week for me here at the office. Lots of work that I have to author, oversee, review and pester people over. There's scheduling nightmares and deadlines that have to be met. I think it's time for reinforcements.
I think it's time for an image change. Check my upper left-hand image on how I feel!
I remember somewhere that when the speed of events increase, sometimes a system has to adapt and translate to a different state or structure. Well... I think it's time for my brain to change! Come on, brain... transcend the limitations of your linear thinking!
Focus, concentrate... and relax!