For my friend Bryan C., who seldom gets to play Champions with us... a HERO character sheet for Jon Snow from George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire. Whatcha think guys? I can't wait for Fantasy HERO to come out.

Jon Snow

Val Char Cost
10 STR 0
17 DEX 21
14 CON 8
11 BODY 2
14 INT 4
15 EGO 10
14 PRE 4
12 COM 1

3 PD 1
4 ED 1
4 SPD 13
6 REC 2
36 END 4
25 STUN 2

Total Characteristic Cost: 73
Running: 7"/14"

Cost Powers
12 Warg Ability: Telepathy 12d6, vs. Animal Class, Only Works on Pet Direwolf (-2), Receive Only (-1/2), Mandatory Effect: +20 EGO (-1/2), Only Through Dreams (-1)
14 Warg Ability: Clairsentience, All Senses, x8 Range, Only Through Pet Direwolf's Senses (-1), Only Through Dreams (-1), Linked to Telepathy (-1/2)
6 Perceptive: +2 to PER Rolls
2 Agile: +1" to Running

Cost Skills
3 CSLs: +1 with Swords

Martial Arts: Weapons Combat
4 Attack (+0 OCV, +2 DCV, Weapon +2 DC)
4 Defend (+2 OCV, +2 DCV, Block)
5 Probe (+1 OCV, +3 DCV, Weapon Strike)

2 Animal Handler, 8- (Canines, Equines)
1 AK: Beyond-the-Wall, 8-
2 AK: The North, 11-
1 AK: The Seven Kingdoms, 8-
2 AK: The Wall, 11-
3 AK: Winterfell, 12-
1 Breakfall, 8-
1 High Society, 8-
3 KS: The Night's Watch, 12-
2 KS: Northern Legends and Tales, 11-
1 KS: Seven Kingdoms's History, 8-
0 Languages: The Common Tongue (Native)
1 Languages: Literacy
1 Navigation (Land), 8-
3 Riding, 12-
2 Survival (Arctic, Temperate), 8-
3 Tactics, 12-
4 WF: Common Melee Weapons, Lances, Bows

Cost Perks
20 Follower: Ghost, his pet direwolf (100 Base Points)
5 Fringe Benefit: Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
2 Reputation: Tough Capable Youth (+2, Medium, 11-)

Cost Special Equipment
17 Longclaw, Valyrian Steel Bastard Sword: HKA - 1 1/2d6, 0 END Cost (+1/2), Armor Piercing (+1/2), OAF (-1), STR Minima 12 (-1/2), 1 1/2-Handed (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4)

Value Disadvantage
5 Dist Features: Always Wears Black (ECon, Noticed)
10 Dist Features: House Stark Features, Facial Scar Around Eye (Con, Noticed)
5 Enraged: Sensitive About Bastardy (Unc, Go 8-,Rec 14-)
15 Hunted: Ser Alliser Thorne (AsPow, 11-)
10(15) Hunted: The Wildlings (AsPow, 11-)
15 Psych: Sensitive About His Bastardy (Com, Str)
10(15) Psych: Compassionate, Will Help the Needy (Com, Str)
0(15) Psych: Wants to Prove Himself (Com, Str)
5 Rep: Sinister Warg and Bastard, Limited Group, 11-
10 Social: Bastard Son (Minor, 11-)
15(20) Social: Sworn Brother of the Night's Watch (Major, 14-)

Base Points: 100
Disadvantages: 100

Go to this link if you wish to play the Teen Titans Battle Blitz game. It's promoting Cartoon Network's new Teen Titans show.

It uses the classic Titans line-up from the Wolfman/Perez era with Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy (Changeling), Raven, and ... hey that's it. The art style looks funky, but when I saw the animation from the game, I realized their inspiration was more "Powerpuff Girls" than "Justice League" or "Batman Adventures".

The game is fairly simple, but needs SHOCKWAVE to run, alas. And it's cool to defeat all the villains (which I've already done with Robin, Cyborg and Raven).

Choice and Choosing
"You choose the life you live." That was one of the phrases I heard from a new self-help movement called the Landmark Forum.

It's a bit misleading for folks who don't understand what they mean by it. After all, there are such things as "acts of god", and such things as "other people" that would interfere with the life I'd like to live. Still, it advocates the pro-active stance of deciding what you want to be, how you want to get there, and when you want to get there. This is ground covered by 7 Habits, various Time Management seminars, and so on.

So what's different? I don't know, really. I am more than a little bit curious, but my current finances dictate not spending my disposable income at this time. Soon, though.

A Harvard Business School Case Study: Landmark Education Corporation: Selling a Paradigm Shift
“LEC’s technology… is intended to provide individuals and organizations with an insight into how to become more effective...” Harvard Business School published a case study that focuses on the history, curriculum, and results of Landmark Education’s programs.

Definitely food for thought.