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My Lakbayan grade is C!

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Created by Eugene Villar.

The Seven Things?

Man, I don't know if there are that many...

1. My curiosity sometime overcomes my sense of self-preservation. When I was MUCH younger and living in BF Homes, I had a notion to test a toy helmet I had. So I rode on my tricycle and purposely flipped it so I'd land on my head. I still have a scar on my head to this day, but I can honestly say that I don't remember if it was this incident that caused it.

2. My mom saved my life at least twice that I know of. One was when I was drowning in a swimming pool (ironically during my 5th year of swimming lessons). She charged past the lifeguard and fished me out of the pool. Another time was when she held me upside down to shake the CHARMS (candy sour balls) I'd eaten out from my throat. This was before the Heimlich manuever became well-known.

3. I love candy. My faves from childhood were: CHARMS, Bon-Bons, and Sugus.

4. I was a National Merit Scholar Finalist in High School.

5. I was once in the audience for the Arsenio Hall Show, and almost got kicked out when we cheered a bit too loudly for Bruce Willis who was pimping his latest installment of Die Hard at the time.

6. I shot myself in the head once. It was a BB gun that I shot straight down at the floor it ricocheted off the floor and hit me right between the eyes. Came away with a bruise.

7. Got really good reviews on my performance in Waiting for Godot in a college play, way back in my senior year in High School.

Thanks for the tag, Paolo!