Non-Role Playing Games that I enjoy include the following:

UPWORDS - a delightful game that mimics Scrabble, but allows you to stack letters up to 5 levels.
MASTERMIND - nice logic / puzzle game
CAR WARS - a Steve Jackson classic involving death-dealing vehicles locked in mortal combat with one another

I'd like to get a few games like COSMIC ENCOUNTER and the LORD OF THE RINGS boardgame. And, of course, the immensely popular CASHFLOW!

CASHFLOW is an interesting game, because the game designer's professed goal was to teach people how to handle their own funds. Robert Kiyosaki (also the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant) It's evident that his initial design for the game is what is now called the "Advanced Version", since a lot of the detail and number-crunching alluded to in the designer's books appears in that version. The regular game is a simplified version, and Cashflow for Kids is even simpler. It's a lot of fun though...

It's an alternative to regular education - structuring games to teach key components of "systems", such as financial systems or electronic systems, to foster greater understanding of the subject matter.

Just this past Tuesday, a made a business day trip to Davao City. It was a brief look at where another root of my family originates from. My grandmother was from Agdao, you see. She grew up in that area... She told me that one of her brothers spoke the dialect of the Mandaya tribe. Interesting coincidence because... I gave a short speech at the Royal Mandaya Hotel


Interestingly enough my last name was enough to get me recognized. My great-grandfather sure is well-known by the older generation, primarily because he wrote the textbooks known as "The Philippine Readers" series. Every time something like that happens, I become uneasy. It seems that when they look at me, the expect something of me... perhaps a contribution to society on the same level, or of higher caliber.