Alone in the Semi-Dark

I had a lot of trouble getting sleep on my last trip to the U.S. I hatched several theories as to why this was the case:

1) Jet Lag - perhaps my body clock was really still on Philippine time, and when my conscious mind was thinking "time to hit the sack and get some shuteye", my body was thinking "hm? an afternoon nap? Okay!";
2) Altitude - perhaps my body was used to being closer to sea level, and I was getting antsy because being up in the hills of Belmont forced me to extract more oxygen from the thin atmosphere;
3) Aridity - since the Bay Area is a lot less humid (read: dry) than the Philippines, it seems to have sucked the moisture from my throat causing some discomfort during breathing and a more rapid need to replenish moisture;
4) Temperature - the warm feet / cold head technique was often used to keep this sleepy driver from dozing off at the wheel, but it may have kept me awake in bed given my lack of hair this time around.

Of course, it's also likely that I'm just not used to sleeping alone anymore and I was subconsciously seeking out the presence of my lovely wife.

I was in the SF Bay Area briefly (less than a week) to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people: Tom and Jenny Earlywine. It was a lovely wedding, a fun ceremony, and a great opportunity to mingle with a bunch of folks I haven't seen in a while (Matt, Keite, Antonia, John L., Erin, etc.) and some folks I'd never met before (the significant others and spouses and children of the aformentioned folks).

It was also great to meet up with most of my old Gaming Group: NTT's Brain, The GM, The Professor, The Warden, Perb the SuperGoober, The Marvelous Mook and one of the newer members of the Gaming Crew and his lovely girlfriend for a memorable birthday dinner.

It was good to see most of them again just before I left (the Warden had to return to the homestead, but The Discourser and his wonderful wife took his place at the send-off), and we got to chat again, look at old pictures that really should be scanned in, check out NTT's collection of airsoft guns, and discuss the possibility of my return one day - perhaps this time with the wife!

Back in the Bay Area

It was good to be back, despite the very short time I was there. Good to see you all!

And congratulations to Tom and Jenny!