Back from Zamboanga
Just got back from Zambo! Twas interesting...

I discovered that one of the bombings that took place a while back was in a department store not more than two blocks from the NCC office (which is on the second floor of the Philippine Veteran's Bank building). Some folks believe that it was more an extortion thing than a real terrorist attack, given that muslims also died in that bombing and that many Abu Sayyaf members' families live in Zamboanga City. Allegedly.

I found out that there's no McDonalds in Zamboanga City! Only a Jollibee or two, and a Greenwich or two. Apparently, the franchise fee was too expensive for the only person who considered starting one.

Lola Mameng's place is cool. She took us to eat tasty "curacha" a special kind of seasonal crab found in the deep sea. Yum! She's got a swimming pool, and the view from the living room overlooks Zamboanga City and the airport. It's very cool there, and the winds are always blowing from the mountains. It rains there almost everyday.

There are BIRDS on every powerline in the downtown area, packed like sardines.... small wonder there're birdsh*t stains along the roads and cars.