It seems the blog from Japan's e-airport didn't work! Gah. Anyway, am here in the US of A. Have to get started on everyone's lists now... then I can enjoy this little vacation.
Karaoke Kids
Perhaps we were influenced by other bloggers' excursions. Perhaps we were driven by the tendency for individuals to burst into song in the middle of games (like me!). Whatever the reason, we went to IO to sing!

IO had an interesting offer: 5 to 8pm, it's p250 per person for the entire stretch, consumable. From 8pm onwards, P360 non-consumable per hour per room. We decided to order P1250 worth of food and drinks in the 5 to 8 stretch, then linger for an hour after... and split the bill.

Oddly enough the food alone was worth the trip. Teriyaki chicken... pizza... and of course softdrinks! Still, there were the stunning revelations of that night: the somtimes-sibling duo of Kate and Lenard belted out a stirring rendition of "Phantom of the Opera". Titus and Jay delivered their own unique spin on "Tainted Love". And I apparently have a penchant of requesting songs with titles that no one knows... mostly rock & roll from a variety of eras.

Isa pa!

Mga padala
This is probably the first time I've experienced so many people asking me to bring so many things over... Crikey. Books, food, clothing, comics... eek! Oh well. Buhay pinoy.