HobbyWatch: Keep your eyes peeled for... Shining Gold!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Ner has told me that he's just gotten copies of a comic book he did the art for.

From what I can piece together, it appears to be a story set in the comic book "Golden Age", and concerns a whole bunch of mystery men who fought in that era.
But no one remembers them.


I guess we'll find out when this comic book gets released.
I Think I Think, Therefore I Think I Am: An Evolution of Thought

I believe it was only in high school that I chose to "think my way through school". In grade school, I think I relied on my natural intelligence and what meager memory skills I had to get through school. I don't remember being particularly cunning during that time, and seemed to have been content with doing what I'd always done to get through school: paid attention in class, memorize what I could, anything that escaped me... well, tough.

When I had to study, I basically did more of the same. My parents started introducing me to other ways of studying of course, but I never really thought much about it. Drills and lists of stuff to memorize were cool.

I don't have recollection of consciously puzzling things out when I was younger. The closest I can remember was being pilosopo, and being fond of riddles. However, even these were examples of my fondness of the literal meanings of words and often exaggerated my inability to comprehend that conversations often held meanings beneath their literal topics of conversation.

Strangely enough, my hobbies excercised this "thinking" thing. Choose your own adventure books, figuring out how RPGs worked, games like chess, and puzzles like Rubik's Cube. I do seem to remember that I actually learned to reason things about by asking other people how they figured things out and then tried to follow similar paths of logic.

In high school, I took A.P. English, and the instruction and drills we endured in analyzing poetry and short stories really helped hone that critical factor in this brain of mine. However, I had already been prepared by Onofre Pagsanghan's method of reading... identify MP's (memorable passages) and be ready to quote and explain each one of them.

Around this time, I drifted into a group of gamers who were pretty sharp themselves. These guys were, on the whole, tactically sharp, had a wide range of interests that overlapped with mine, and were fond of wordplay, puzzles, political and social commentary.

I'm sure there were other factors, but I credit some of my current habits in thinking to these influences. It IS an evolution, because I can remember terrible habits that I acquired then dropped later on.

The worst of these was accepting that I couldn't figure something out without first figuring out why. I would give up without really trying. I would make excuses that a child could poke holes through. This habit still raises its terrible seven-headed visage from time to time.