PNP Presence

I get antsy when I see tons of PNP personnel crowding the streets of Ortigas. On my way to work I saw a number of them at key intersections (not really directing traffic, just hanging out...) a couple of vans... and a big truck with K9 personnel on it.

Is there a big rally in Ortigas slated later today? Or will there be a buncha VIPs here later? Who knows?
A Brand New Spin

And so, to further defuse any arguments that our little President had done anything wrong in calling him up, Garcilliano now calls (from a place of hiding) to claim that both opposition and administration candidates called him up to ask how they were doing.

If everyone does it, then it's okay.

It's also done to bolster the argument that even if PGMA called, it is not tantamount to asking him to coordinate any rigging of elections.

Other people have admitted to calling up Garcillano, while other folks have denied calling him.

It would have been so much easier if we had all of them on tape, but alas... there are only so many voices on the evidence currently circulating on the Internet...
Awash in Ideas

As an exercise I've been trying to catch snippets of ideas here and there. Today, something funny came up - what if (the cornerstone phrase of speculative fiction...) we became a telepathic society?

Perhaps not entirely telepathic (I sense great anger in you), but capable of messaging everyone certain thoughts. Yes, it would be great to do so without talking and all... but if you merge that with the concept of computer e-mail...

"My dear, I have something very important to tell you... 100% off Vi(A)Grahhh now. Ask me how!"

Yes, mental messaging would collapse under the weight of telepathic spam, phishing, and virus attacks!