Back in my first year of High School, English teacher Mr. Stark asked us to always submit two pages of writing. It had to contain grammatically correct paragraphs, but could cover any number of topics. He said it was a way for us to overcome the fear of the blank page. Getting into the habit of writing and filling a page with that writing was important to him - a way to break through the 'writer's block' of young teenaged boys intimidated by a cool, but demanding English teacher.

He also used it to correct our grammar and spelling, because he'd give back the two-page journals to us with lots of red markings. Sly teacher, that Mr. Stark.

Anyway I decided to do the same on my blog, but I realized I needed something similar for my attempts at fiction writing, poetry, and other stuff. So I'm beginning another blog... I don't know the title yet, but it'll get me out of my habit of NOT writing.

I hope.
Bleh - Part 1
The boots were definitely carved from Filomenina dragon leather: dragonhide so thick that only the half-automaton craftswomen of Oortanoi could pare away the hard layers to reveal the soft, workable, yet incredibly durable middleskin beneath.

Azan swirled the wine in his goblet, idly watching it coat the dull copper sheen... occasionally marvelling at the invisible nanobots patrolling the edges of the rim keeping the now-warm liquid from spilling onto the blood-stained floor.

Began trolling for news in Yahoo! Found out about how despite the evidence of over 160,000 dying from the effects of global warming, another big country (Russia) is backing away from supporting the Kyoto accords. The U.S. already backpedalled on it, and I guess this means we're all doomed. Time to head to colder climes, coz it's gonna get warm near the equator. High ground too, since the polar ice caps are melting.

Hundreds of Tourists Accused of Three-Day Orgy
By Juliana Liu

BEIJING (Reuters) - Hundreds of Japanese tourists and local prostitutes held a three-day orgy at a luxury hotel in southern China, newspapers said, sparking outrage and prompting police to launch an investigation.

I remember seeing cell-recharging stations for cars in Los Angeles. Must be those electric cars...

Development Woes

It's the project that wouldn't die. Project development is slower than desired (must check with the developers again). A mountain of documentation awaits me. Feature-creep keeps threatening the time-table. I can sense that I'm burned out on this project already.

I just want it done. Finis. Lord, grant me the will and the wisdom to see it through!

I want to bill for this already.
Back in the Saddle Again
Hey friends and fellow-bloggers. I'm back!

It's been an eye-opening trip to Japan and Los Angeles, and I'm glad to be back! I carry with me musings on the direction of my career, and the dread of having to catch up with work again... but that's life! No time like the present to get back in the thick of things...