Some Recognition

HERO SYSTEM SIDEKICK is the set of Easy Learning Rules for the Hero System.

Here's a quote from the SIDEKICK book published by DOJ, Inc. (dba Hero Games):


Playtesters: We were especially fortunate to have the time and the resources to playtest Sidekick broadly and extensively. In addition to our regular group of Digital Hero testreaders, over the course of more than a month, dozens of playtesters - men and women, adults and children,
experienced gamers and newcomers, and gamers from many countries around the world
- got together to put Sidekick through its paces and report back to Steve regarding their impressions of the bookand suggestions for improving it. They are: Tobie Abad, ... , JayAnyong, Kate Aton, ... , Lenard Ignacio, ... , Adrian Martinez, ... ,Alexander Osias, ... , Vincent Michael Simbulan ...

A Pause in the Rat Race

As I type this, I'm actually at Kate's parents' place, while Kate (my beloved mahaw) furiously studies for her upcoming certification exams on her laptop.

It's nice to have days like this where things stop moving quite so quickly (and by this I mean, the clients that I have to handle are also on vacation), and be able to pause and recharge.

A major project that I've been overseeing has taken a strange turn. Now, I will have to engage the services of my company to handle a lot of documentation because we will no longer be performing several very hectic training schedules this coming November and December.

This means I'll be able to focus on ensuring that the manuals we've provided are complete and not totally incomprehensible to the people who'll be using it to install and configure and use our application.

In the past few weeks I've been to Cebu, Davao (which has a very nice new airport - kinda like a smaller Centennial Airport), and Zamboanga. I'm no stranger to travel, but it was one of those few times where I go alone to these places... and you discover that time alone is often a matter of killing time (unless you've got a presentation to prepare or work to coordianate back at the main office).

It's nice to be back in the Metro...