It's been a while since my last update.

Excuses include:
Work - Had a meeting last Saturday afternoon regarding comic book that a friend and I are working on.
Play - Did some character creation with friend for an RPG game called Champions of Bay City powered by the HERO System.
Work - Last Sunday, I went off to Davao again for a slightly longer business trip than the prior day trip. Just got back last Tuesday.
Family - Had some family business to handle on Sunday (just before my afternoon trip to Davao), and again on Wednesday night, and again early Thursday morning.
Work Again - The whole day Thursday, I was at a client doing consulting work.
Catastrophe - There was a fire at MegaMall! Okay, I was nowhere near it, but it bummed me out coz I was on my way there.
Laziness - Writing sucks up time. Takes a lot of discipline to keep this regular. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm back!


By exposing a friend and co-worker at the company I work for to the 1st eight episodes of the Babylon 5 TV series, I've managed to convince another Science Fiction fanatic of the wonders of that 5-Season series. Very tight plotting, excellent scripting, wonderfully powerful performances, and great special effects (given the budget that they had)... is it any wonder?

I've got the 1st Season DVDs (ordered from the U.S.) and am enjoying the high (and low)_points of the series... I'd forgotten how much of a trailblazer the series was. It was the first TV series to use ALL CGI special effects for ships, to push the non-episodic nature of ongoing Science Fiction TV shows, to come in under budget (something unheard of until its time), AND still deliver quality TV. All this in spite of the nay-sayers and clueless network folks. It's the little show that could.