Time in Dumagete

Our time in Dumagete was a lot of relaxed fun! It really felt like a very laid back place. Everyone there is very friendly. Not quite a sleepy place - it felt that there were many things going on, and there was a definite sense that it was about to change. Signs of construction and development suggested that this place might change this year, next year, or the year after. The prices will go up and it won't be the same place it once was.

But change is inevitable. I'm sure that it was a much different place than from when my lolo was there for college and I wonder what stories there are about his time there.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the hospitality of Ian and Mark. I look forward to more literary discussions with Ian, whose writing I do enjoy (despite the fact that most of his work is of a realist cast) and I hope to find more of his work to study and review.

I felt bad that Mark wasn't able to involve himself in some of our discussions since he seemed to be a bit under the weather at times, but the holiday season is traditionally when we tend to relax a bit and yet find that the stress level is curiously high.

Hope to go back there with my wife and the gang again soon.