Living On Your Own

A friend of mine has recently begun planning his life on his own... a life away from his family after a long number of years living under the same roof as them.

I remember how when I first had a taste of that in dorm living at college, I ended up keeping myself to stricter schedules as far as home life was concerned... I got up early on Saturday mornings so that I had first crack at the washing machines and dryers, I tried to go to sleep earlier and wake early. In my defense, I did indulge in much wilder escapades (for me, anyway) on the days or nights that I had an Event or Outing of some kind, since I wasn't too worried about comments and questions from my family.

It is a time where you exercise your self-discipline, and begin re-defining your boundaries and interests. It's a time where you learn, not in the heat of a crisis, but in the warmth of a place you can call your own, who you are... and what things you'd like to improve.

Good luck, friend!
In addition to the Justice League DVD set...

Ultimate Avengers: The MovieI want this! Yes, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie! It looks cool!

The storyline promises to run similar to the Ultimates TPB one and two, but veering off in surprise directions. Or so I hear.

Update: Thanks to El, I've been alerted to the presence of a trailer. I found it on the Ultimate Avengers website!