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Oh. My. God.

Male Lactation

I first became interested in male lactation in 1978 after reading Dana Raphael's book, The Tender Gift: Breastfeeding. Although Raphael only dealt with the subject briefly, she did say that men can and have produced milk after stimulating their nipples.

My husband, David, and I were intrigued with the idea. We had just had our first unassisted homebirth and were excited about applying our positive thinking techniques to other aspects of our lives. Although Raphael had written about milk production through nipple stimulation, perhaps, we thought, David could do it simply through suggestion. He began telling himself that he would lactate, and within a week, one of his breasts swelled up and milk began dripping out.

Fascinating stuff. Dean? Any comments?
The new Teen Titans comic book is out, and it's a mixed bag. I liked the art, and I liked how the story seemed to be building towards something. I liked the tensions building between the young Titans, and how the mentors were genuinely concerned about their "wards".

I found it curious, yet tantalizingly satisfying that they've retconned Superboy into having 1/2 Kryptonian DNA along with his human half. I'd always thought he was fully human and had metahuman abilities that approximated Superman's powers, but...

I didn't pick up Graduation Day, but I was sad to see that Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) is dead. Gah, I hate it when they kill characters for shock value.

I'll be around for the next issue though. We'll see...
Brainstorming for a Campaign
I've got several threads that are slowly being woven into a story line for my Champions campaign:

1) The mystical thread - this ties in with the mysterious shadowman and the tablets at U.P. The Chinese Warlord and the copper bowls. And of course, the Crowns of Krim.

2) The organizational thread - FREELancers, VIPER, UNICORN.

3) The alien thread - the Boazanians, the dimensional mirror creatures...

Are these threads connected somehow? Yes...
Hm. The 94-95 issue. The Anti-Drug drive. The Smear Campaign against the Catholic Church. The moves against Danding Cojuanco and Raul Roco. And possibly even the sideswiping of Ramos' daughter. It seems that the campaign for next year's elections is already in full swing.

I'm not saying that folks who've got charges levelled against them ain't guilty. I'm saying that if they are, they have been for a long time. So, the fact that folks are going for this 'truth & justice' crap now makes me question the motives.

Even the 'escape' of the Al-Ghozi may have been politically motivated. Either someone wanted the current government to look bad, or someone wants to look good by revealing that Al-Ghozi was killed when resisting recapture.

Talk about lack of trust in the government. I mean, how much of our tax money goes into politicians pockets? And look at what we get in return.