New Worlds: The 1st Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention
Well, yesterday was the fun New Worlds Convention.

I arrived there at around 2:30pm, shocked to find out that so many booths were already being set up or in some state of readiness. No other AEGIS people were in sight.

After consulting with Paulo J., I grabbed a couple of tables & tablecloths and staked a claim for AEGIS between the booths of the Philippine Tolkien Society and the X-Philes group. I became bored watching the other groups setting up their tables, chairs, home-made theme decor, books and paraphernalia and began texting AEGIS members and walking around.

Eventually, I got ahold of Tobie A. He told me to contact Seth S. who was free to go. Sure enough, as soon as he said he'd be on his way, more AEGIS folks arrived. Yehey!

The Pinoy Slayers had the most impressive business set-up, with their sales of DVDs (all kinds) to the people at the convention. Too bad I didn't get to join their Buffy Sing-a-long event.

Kudos to Jacob for emerging triumphant from the Tolkien Trivia Contest! He won a kick-ass tolkien book!