Chairborne Ranger
Took this title off of one of the blogs I visited concerning Micah Wright. Wright, as some of you may know, is the writer for several comics and some other projects.

I first heard of the guy when they were hyping up Stormwatch: Team Achilles, a comic book about highly trained humans fighting against superhuman entities mucking about in the world. I was drawn to the story because of the idea - I'd been in an RPG almost a decade back that had this same concept and wanted to see how it was treated.

I stopped collecting it quite early. The story just wasn't what I was looking for. It seemed to be a lot of piss-and-vinegar about how wimpy superhumans were and how normal humans were "real men and women". The supremacy of the normal human and all that. It was looking more for the writing that I found in the comic "The Human Defense Corps". Less macho. More professional. More human, but still with a lotta healthy attitude.

Oddly enough, at the time I felt that this Micah Wright dude seemed a bit off... like someone who still had something to prove. Then I read that he was an Army Ranger. I was wrong. I re-wired my brain, to allow that some folks who've served time in the military still enjoy and brag about the bloodletting and whatnot as portrayed in his book. I guess not everyone's take on combat is like the dudes in Band of Brothers (in both the book and the HBO series).

Then I read some of the books of Dick Marcinko, and it confirmed that... except... Marcinko's books still felt different to me. He was a gung-ho military stereotype, but he seemed to downplay a lot of what we'd expect for the climactic endings... He seemed a lot more matter-of-fact, take-it-or-leave-it. I figured that he was one-off from Micah... bit more mature perhaps, but cut from the same cloth.

Apparently not.

Micah Wright has never been an Army Ranger. He lied.

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Well I've been away from writing for a long, long time. Time to barrel into it with the continuation of the Sandugo storyline. Already have 8 pages done... need 15 more installments of 8 pages each to fill up a 96 page book.

I've been re-reading a lot of standard and deconstructionist superhero comics and letting them percolate in anticipation.