Those Awful Green Things...

Just recently, my wife and I found ourselves looking to overcome boredom (and a potential onset of pregnancy-fuelled nausea), and after enduring several card games that are somewhat boring with two players, I pulled out my copy of "The Awful Green Things from Outer Space."

This is a classic boardgame currently published by Steve Jackson Games, and is surprisingly fun.

The Awful Green Things (played by me) were ultimately defeated by the valiant crew of the ship ZNUTAR (played by my wife). The captain of the ship did extremely well, as did the Robot (before it was destroyed by three adult AGTs). One of the pilots managed to evade them until the showdown in one of the rooms, where he and his fellow pilot were finally eliminated.

Gameplay has interesting choices for the AGT side (which AGTs do I grow this round, and where do I place them) and for the Crew side (which weapons do I use/test, what crew members do I send out). The only problem we really had was handling the counters, which were small and tended to slide on the uneven bed.