Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. My mother saved my life twice (that I know of): At around age 8, I was swimming in a pool, but was pulled underwater in the deepish end and panicked. I began to drown. My mom, leaving the life guard in the dust, waded in, clothes and all, and pulled me out. Another time, I was around 6, and I was given hard candy to stop crying. I began to choke. My mom, not yet familiar with the Heimlich manuever, held me upside down and hammered my back hard until I spit out the offending treat.

2. I had very thick hair on my head when I was born: It was thick enough that my Dad could easily pick me out, face unseen, out of all the sleeping babies in the hospital nursery. Yes, I miss it.

3. I used to sing & dance & act on stage: In grade school and in high school and in college, I used to be a part of a variety of acting / performing groups. I was with Ateneo Children's Theatre, Dulaang Sibol (one year only), Serra High School's theater performances, and with a now-hibernating San Francisco group called Teatro Ng Tanan.

4. I used to be a big UFO nut: read everything I could about them. Knew names, places, incidents, etc. Forgotten 'em all now, after the abduction (just kidding).

5. I believe in but avoid the supernatural: I know it's out there, occasionally get curious and read up about it... but I try to keep it out of my life as much as possible.