Hawk and... Dove?

Just a short note: hectic work schedules and the wedding preparations are cutting down on my blogging time. However...

Kate and I were watching the Justice League Unlimited episodes I hadn't seen yet... and saw the episode "Hawk & Dove". The episode focused on two characters from DC Comics: super-powered brothers who held different views on life. Hawk tended to favor aggression and conflict to solve problems, while Dove was, predictably, more inclined towards peaceful methods. I've always felt that Dove had the weaker of the two names, always belonging to a tandem name set "Hawk and -".

When Kate heard the name of "Dove", she let out a yelp of disbelief.

"Dove? Did they say Dove?"

"Yes, why?"

Then in a voice full of astonishment and derision, she said "What does he do? Poop on people?"