The Internet, Computers, College, and Guido

That's not his real name, but this guy's an old classmate and roomie of mine from college.

In fact, as on the occasions that we've briefly exchanged e-mail o'er the internet, I was reminded that my initiation to complex world of the Internet, electronics and computers began in those years.

I was, of course, a dabbler in computing - having cut my teeth on Basic and messing around with the old Apple II clones - but I was no where near the level of knowledge and sophistication of Guido. In fact, he introduced me to some of the folks at the Computer Engineering lab and we stomped around in MUDs and I slowly learned about TCP/IP and e-mail and the early HTML uses. I can still remember the lab TAs and some of the students discussing the performance of the early Mosaic browsers and how it compare to Lynx.

Now he's here, visiting along with his girlfriend, and I hope he enjoys his visit (and maybe we'll find a slice of time to meet up, even for a few hours at the airport)!