Last Year at the Bookfair...

...I picked up a neat hardbound book containing nearly all the Hitchhiker's Guide novels. It was discounted, but months later it hardly seemed worth the time and effort spent trolling around the World Trade Center floor to buy a series of books that I'd already read.

This year I went into the bookfair with low expectations. I didn't expect to find anything I'd be willing to part with my money for.

Then my wife mentioned that ADB (A Different Bookstore) had a spectacular selection of SF books on sale. P99 each, and there was a buy 2, get one free deal. Then she mentioned that Iain M. Banks was one of the authors whose books were on sale.

Nonchalantly pushing my way through the crowd, I promptly found the stall, saw the hard-to-find Player of Games novel by said author, and picked it up (plus two other novels from his Culture setting).

Yay, wife!