From the R.Talsorian website:

Mekton is R. Talsorian's oldest game. In fact its older than R. Talsorian, which was formed after the feedback at our local con, DunDraCon, convinced us that there was a market for an anime role-playing game. But being an older game right now has its disadvantages. Right now the stores are hot to stock new things and picking up a new supplement for an old game which has been dormant for awhile is not at the top of their list. This makes it hard for us to get the line up and running again. Fortunately for Mekton, we have Mobile Suite Gundam out of translation and into editing right now (Thank you, Benjamin Wright!).

Slight digression on Mobile Suit Gundam. Some years ago, Mekton Zeta was published in translation in Japan under license. It did well and the same folks involved with that came back to us and said "We have the Mobile Suite Gundam license. Can we use a variant of the Mekton Zeta system to make a Gundam game for publication in Japan?" Well, Gundam being the granddaddy of all mecha programs, or as we like to think of it, the Gone with the Wind of anime, we were delighted and agreed with the provision that we would have first whack at the English language publication rights. It's a big, beautiful book with masses of detail which also is just darned fun to play whether you're a Feddie or a Zion (or just look like one).

I can't WAIT!
SANDUGO: the 8 - page comic

It's amazing to see it all come together. Ner P., Vic C. and I have been working on an 8-page comic book based on his parahuman team, Sandugo. It's been a blast to see it slowly come together, from script to pencils to inks... and now coloring and lettering. There are still areas that we feel need improvement (in our own contributions, or in others), but otherwise it looks good enough to submit to meet our deadlines. We hope that the initial effort will prove good enough to allow us improve with subsequent issues.

Kris Aquino's Live Journal?

I ran across the following site: You and me against the world's journal. It claims to be the live journal of Kris Aquino... or does it? I don't see her full name in the profile despite the pics of Kris all over the site. Besides, marking down "married men" as part of your interests is a bit... well...

Anyway go and see it for yourself!

Moore, Morrison, and Sex

I was reading the Comic Book Resources column Lying in the Gutters about the events and consequences of Alan Moore's retirement announcement. Alan Moore, for those not in the know, is one of the comic book industry's most celebrated writers... his writing has garnered critical and popular praise, his scripts have been converted into movies (From Hell and LXG: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen come to mind), and his work has inspired other industry greats like Neil Gaiman.

In the column I happened upon the following story about another comic book author / celebrity - Grant Morrison:

As well as mentioning that Frank Quitely's next series after "New X-Men" will be a creator-owned project from the two of them, Morrison talked about the basics of life. How it arises from complex systems. And how so comics continuity has become so complex as to support sentience. Expressed his intent to create a comic so complex that it becomes a living self-aware being, as well as bringing that same aspect to the DC Universe, wanting to make the DC Universe realise that it's alive.

He didn't appear to be joking.

Three Letters: W.T.F.?

And to finish up this article with the sex bit, this link shows that in X-men issue # 118 the word sex appears at least 18 times as subliminal messages hidden in the background art. There are pics scanned from the issue to substantiate those claims. See for yourself.

For those of you who have NOT been to yet, go there... then come back.

Jay A. and I pitched to the heads of Hinirang to do an RPG for their oh-so-cool setting. It's been a long struggle against a lot of other work, but we've got some semblance of mechanics for statistics, skills, special abilities, and magic (mystical and spiritual) down. The task resolution system will reduced a lot of the dice rolling, keep things going at a fast clip, and still be flexible enough to create almost any character you want inside the setting.

Now Jay and I just gotta pull together my various notes and write 'em all in one document for testing by the initiators of the setting!
Guess which Elder God I am?

I am Azathoth!

Known as the "Blind Idiot God", the center of all cycles known as Azathoth is the great void itself, infinite creation and inescapable oblivion made one. The Great God is without ego, as it has been embodied in a seperate consciousness as Azathoth has cast off the curse of self-awareness. Surrounded by the host of flautist servitors, piping the songs of the unknowable, Azathoth is not to be known by his aspirants. That is the purpose of another God...

Which Great Old One are you?