Watched the film THE GURU last night.

Very funny and witty movie. I'm a sucker for fun musicals, and the juxtaposition of Bollywood and Grease was really enjoyable. The Billy Joel scenes were tremendous, and good performances from the actors... WATCH IT!

If you've been following my blogs, you'd know that just last week I was in Davao... And now this. The bombing of the Davao International Airport (the waiting shed, really) has claimed 21 lives (at the time of this writing), and injured 120+ people.

I was just there. Davao has long had a reputation of being the most peaceful and secure of the Mindanao cities. I was just there. I'm still not sure if it's the same Terminal as the Domestic Airport, but I was just there. Last week.

Reaction is mostly that of mourning in Davao, frustration and sorrow from here in Metro Manila. There hasn't been public outcry, just a feeling that this is another symptom of the escalating war tensions... and why on earth did it have to happen to those poor people? Why does it have to happen to anyone? Life in the Philippines is difficult enough.

There was a recent launch of the new Darna comic book at Eastwood in Libis. Here are some pictures of the event. Note the extremely cute Darna model. There were actually two of them, one is the one pictured... the other performed a dance number. I believe she's part of the Darna Ballet that will be shown this summer. Both Darnas were cute and sexy, but the ballet itself is highly rated by my sister (who is quite knowledgable about dance and performing arts).
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Today is March 03, 2003 (03/03/03)... oooooh! Scary.

I once read out some passages from a book titled Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin to my current gaming group. It freaked out a number of them.

Part of it, I'm sure, was the writing. Educated, erudite, and strangely authoritative. The book is about five successful exorcisms (and one unsuccessful one), based on the extensive documentation that the Roman Catholic Church requires before performing any major exorcism. Part of it was the carefully reasoned progression from a 'flaw' in one's faith or logic can lead to a succession of small lapses in morality... paving the way for eventual damnation. Still, hope shines in the book, despite the darkness of the subject matter. Perhaps I shall read it again sometime and ask for reaction papers.