It's time for a revamp!

We've been working on the current version of for a while now, and it's time to modify certain things as we begin to prepare and plan for a sales and marketing drive. If you've never gone to the site of our entrepreneurial venture... drop by!

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Who Will Watch the Watchmen?

Well, if it ever gets made, I probably will! However, it's gotten a step closer to reality... check out the website for the movie here.

Weekend review: Isle, Pamanhikan, a baptism, a birthday celebration, and The Phantom (of the Opera)

Oh yes, a brutal "episode" of the ongoing Isle campaign. My character faced a nasty dragon (huge, nasty, with several breath weapons it delighted in using all at once), ran away like a scared child (along with the other members of the party), and was skewered by a sword called Weary (one of the 7 seven nasty, Craft-hating swords).

The Pamanhikan was a little nerve-wracking at the beginning, but at Prince Albert the conversation finally relaxed, and amusing little anecdotes shared between the in-laws (and the couple-to-be) allowed both sides to get some insight into the others' lives. Great food too!

The baptism (of Vincent Binhi Malaya) was fun, the child was unnaturally well-behaved (according to his mother), and charmed everyone by reaching out to grasp the priest's hand while a benediction was prayed over the child. After the baptism, however, the Jakjak Incredible look-alike soon threw tantrums, only to to be placated by the more... ahem... rotund members of the ninongs, ninangs, and well-wishers in attendance.

The birthday was surprisingly entertaining, due to the presence of the CQuest Usual Suspects. Kate & I enjoyed kibbitzing with Marco (who bought the same gift we did, darn it), Jason, Camille, Vinnie and the parents of Princess "I don't have any powers" Sage when the could get away from their parental duties.

The Phantom was enjoyable, though the voice of the Phantom was a distinct let-down. It was only near the end that I could understand their vocal choice for the Phantom, but even then I felt that a stronger voice should have been used especially during the "Music of the Night" segment. Some exposition scenes were painful to watch, particularly when similar exposition occurs later in the movie to reiterate what the audience may have forgotten.

All-in-all, an enjoyable weekend spent with my mahaw...