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Life on the Border

The recent lit crit nights have revived my interest in my old books and anthologies.

One of my favorite shared world fantasy anthologies series was the one set in Bordertown. Looking at some of the fan sites, I'm happy to see I have three of the anthologies and one of the novels. My cousin Franco a.k.a Tyke has the first volume of the series.

I believe that one of the best stories that established the setting was "Danceland". It was a murder mystery, and the course of the investigation gave a great excuse to introduce the various aspects of the setting, establish the tensions between the Pureblood Elves, the human gangs, and the laws and the politics of living on the Border of our world and Faerie. It provided motivation for the characters to go out of their usual haunts and explore without having some sort of major situation that would change most of the scenery. So what if one Elflord was murdered in the alley behind the bar named Danceland? Life goes on for everyone else in Bordertown.

Some of my favorite characters are there: the human named Orient and his dear Elf friend Tick-Tick, the semi-tragic Wolfboy, the runaway Caramel, Farrel Din and all the rest.