Writing Habits

In sharp contrast to my old "fire-and-forget" tactics when writing stories, I'm actually collecting my story ideas and concepts in a notebook again. I'm taking down storytelling devices and character ideas in the hopes that they'll all percolate in my thoughts so when I do sit down and write, it'll all flow from my thoughts and fingertips.

I've tried writing from outlines before, but I tend to veer away from the original storyline I plotted into new and unexpected (or old and tired) story voices and directions. The same thing happens when I try to write stories "piecemeal".

Hopefully I'll be able to cobble together a little story of wonder set in a strange dystopian future Metro Manila in the near future.
Admission and Omission

Well, she came out on TV and admitted she was the voice on the tapes (well one of the voices, anyway) and said she was "sorry" that she was talking to a Comelec official during the time of election counting. She did not identify who she was talking to. She did not admit that she was orchestrating an exercise in "dagdag-bawas". She's asked everyone to move on.

She still insists that she won the elections fair and square. She points to the polls and her margin of victory. Yet she does not mention that the tapes contain portions that point to activities involving more than "confirming her lead". She does not mention that polls favored FPJ at one time, and the favored her at another time. She does not mention that her margin of victory was one of the smallest margins of victory in the history of Philippine elections.

By the way, Garcilliano is still missing. Garcilliano is probably the "COMELEC Official" on the tapes. Unless some other COMELEC Official has a nickname "Garci".