My Ninong passed away at around 7:30 this morning at Capitol Medical Center. Its September 20, 2007 now.

Bye Ninong. Thanks for everything, and say hello to Lola Iday and Lolo Benjo, look for Mama Liz if you need stuff taken care of up there - I'm sure she's already pretty busy though. Say hi also to Lolo Paking and Lolo Uncle, and to Manong Susing, Tita Linda, Tito Lenny and Lola Babs, Mommy Lu, Lola Lourdes and everyone else already there!

Thanks for teaching me some chess, introducing me to Tai Chi way back when, and for always asking about me.

It was good to see you that last time, even if you were in a lot of pain. Thanks for waiting for me to visit!

Messages on my Phone

On Monday (17 Sep 2007), at 11:57:58 am I received the following text from my sister:

Manong, your ninong jamin is at the hospital 2 drain the fluid of his stomach. Mom and Dad will be visiting him at the hospital this afternoon.

My Ninong Jamin had been in the hospital to had his fluid drained before, because he wasn't able to purge his waste anymore.

On the same day, at 2:54:25 pm, I received the following text from my mom:

T. Jamin just got back from the O.R. and 4.5 liters of fluid were removed from his stomach.

I texted a follow up question: what was going on? I got the following reply at 5:31.20 pm:

Well, his stomach is still big and he is very thin. T. Malen said part of his face is yellow, but I didn't notice it.

It didn't sound too good, but he'd gone in and come out okay before so I just asked to be kept posted.

On Tuesday (18 Sep 2007), at 2:21:54 pm, I got the following message forwarded to me:

I just want to update you. Dr. Babaran said the analysis of extracted fluids shows there is infection. Not okay to go home yet. We have transferred to Room XXX cubicle, since he might be staying longer.

This sounded serious, so I resolved that I would have to go visit soon. Color-coding for the day meant that we'd have to go after 7pm.

Then I got another message at 5:16:28 pm:

Please pray for recovery of Benjie for liver infection & renal damage.

So we went that night, after my father had visited my Ninong Jamin. As I'd been warned, he was thin and had a yellowing face largely around his nose and mouth and eye areas. I also found out that he was in a lot of pain. He kept telling me that each time I tried to distract him with stories about my trip to the U.S., or about how the rest of the family was doing.

It was after 8 pm when we left (well after visiting hours, I think), and I noted that it was still two hours to his next medication.

Wednesday (19 Sep 2007). Today at 6:35:19 am, I received:

Jamin not conscious since midnight. Please pray.

So as not to disturby my sleeping wife, I went out to pray the rosary for my Ninong. The rains had flooded the streets, so we had to delay leaving the house.

At 9:22:41 am, I got the following forwarded text:

More bad news from liver doctor. End stages na daw ng cirrhosis ni Benj, kaya very little benefit from dialysis. Shot down na liver and kidneys nya.

It's 11:41 am. And I'm just working, blogging, praying.

And waiting.

There's always hope.