Makati Tickets and Ninoy

I lost my driver's license to a Makati traffic aide this past weekend and had to go early this morning to pick it up (after paying my fine).

They had an interesting mechanism there - you're supposed to drop your ticket in the basket, and wait for them to find the matching ticket with your driver's license. Then you wait for your name to be called out, and go to the window number assigned to you.

I arrived early - around 7am. The common wisdom from the taxi drivers and delivery truck drivers was that things would get started around 8:30am. I went off to have a healthy Burger Machine breakfast... then returned to my position in the mass of people waiting.

I heard some unusual humor from the drivers who were trying to get change for the various fines that had to be paid. Oddly enough, because of the number of P500 fines, the picture of Ninoy was much in discussion. There were jokes about the fact that the bills weren't real because "walang butas ang ulo ni Ninoy", and comments thrown in concerning the hardness of Ninoy's and the disapproval of Kris and Cory to all the joking around.

I suppose he's much in the news again after the recent ruling...