Someone to Talk To

Xandro: As a kid, we (Alex and I) were introverted. Sort of. I think that the common perception was that we were painfully shy. Once we considered you a friend, though... we wouldn't shut up.
Alex: And to some extent that's still true today.
Xandro: Shut yo' mouth, fool. I'm talkin'.
Alex: M'kay.
Xandro: Kate left for Vietnam this afternoon and I miss her already. One of the reasons is the temporary loss of someone to talk to. Another reason is the temporary loss of someone to be silent with.
Alex: Xandro's overanalyzing, but he's right. It's wonderful to be engaged in hours of conversation with someone you love... but it's just as wonderful to be sitting comfortably side-by-side with her and silently enjoying the company.
KawangaKid: This season's message was brought to you by... Hallmark.
Alex: How'd he get in here?
KawangaKid: Hallmark, more than just greeting cards...
Xandro: He's the defense mechanism. Keeps us from getting too mushy.
Alex: Thank you, Mr. Exposition.
KawangaKid: ... also a fine provider of family-oriented shows...
Vlad: Back to work, you fools.