Go see Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Funny, touching, though Act III kinda startled me with the shift in the storytelling style. The casting of the primaries -- Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris), Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion), and Penny (Felicia Day) -- is fantastic and I love the performances.

Here are the lyrics I could make out from one of the songs:

Bad Horse, Bad Horse
Bad Horse, Bad Horse
He rides across the nation, the thoroughbred of sin
He got the application that you just sent in
It needs evaluation, so let the games begin
A heinous crime, a show of force
A murder would be nice of course

Bad Horse, Bad Horse
Bad Horse, He's bad
The Evil League of Evil is watching so beware
The grade that you receive will be the last we swear
So make the battle skillful, or He'll make you his mare
You're saddled up, there's no recourse
It's hi-yo Silver! Signed: Bad Horse

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