Because of color coding problems, on Monday mornings I now wake up at around 6:00 AM, shower, shave, and rush down to the car to head over to Ortigas hoping to beat the Monday prohibition on cars with license plates that end in 1's and 2's.

There's an upside: reduced traffic, seemingly fresher air, and a lot of quiet time -- I tend not to listen to the radio when driving these days. Also, there's a chance to alter my breakfast diet on these mornings; a chance I seldom take advantage of. And I get to work early, avoiding the morning elevator rush, and some time to do some early web surfing (hello Pet Society and Restaurant City!) before work.

But I miss having my wife beside me -- to chat with, to sing with, or to ride alongside with in silence -- on these mornings. And I miss the morning chance to play with my son and get lucky enough to see his toothy grin.

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